Below is a list of  some different possible disaster &  survival  situations you and your family might be faced with. Train and prepare for them.  A wise man once said it better to hope the best but prepare for the worst.

BLACKOUT-EMP   3 Terrifying Scenarios

20 Scary predictions for 2013

Bio-Terror Attack

Hurricane & Storm Survival Prep
Hurricane Sandy caught a lot of east coast residents off guard. Most people think hurricanes only do their damage down south but sandy proved us all wrong.
The major problems with sandy were coastal flooding, Power outages, looting, communications breakdowns and electrical fires was a big problem because fire fighters
could not get thought flood water to put out the fires

Home Preparedness
Power, food, water & gas  were main things they needed afterward.
90% of long was out of power, a lot of the roads were impassible and peoples cars were flooded out. The few gas stations that were opened ran out of gas quickly. people ran out of fresh food and water quickly. We have put together a list of items you should have to be prepared for this scenario.

1. Generator with plenty of extra gas/fuel for it.  Empty 1 gallon milk containers or empty antifreeze jugs make for good storage  but if you are going to store a lot store it outside away from your home in cased of a fire. a outside tank that can hold 50-100 gallons is ideal.

2. Plenty of fresh batteries and flashlights

3. Extra food & water (2 Week Supply) try to buy a lot of the water jugs for water coolers you see at offices. Stock up food that does not need to be refrigerated ( canned good and freeze dried food).

4. A way to cook without electricity either a propane grill or extra charcoal. You can also dig a pit in your yard burn wood and put a metal grill over it you get custom metal for it at your local hardware store. you will also need a good set of cast iron cookware they last forever.

5. A battery powered radio to listen for news reports
6. Download the free police, ems & fire scanner for your smartphone. If communications are still working you can get the inside scoop on what going on in your area before its on the news.
7. A gas powered chainsaw to cut trees & branches
8. A water pump & sandbags
9. A first aid kit
10. Something to kill the time either books or games.

For store fronts
1. Make sure you have good locks or shutters so looters cant break in after the storm.
2. Generator if you have perishable you will need it keep your refrigerator cold till the power comes back online.
3. Water pump & sand bags
4. Wooden sheet board to put over your glass.
5.  Spray paint. (write something to deter looting like: Looter will shoot, help yourself to free bullet holes)
If you think you are going to be target for looting try to remove anything they will steal before hand or camp out at your store with weapons. Dial 911 immediately if someone tries to break in.

Apply for disaster assistance as soon as possible.


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