The New Deck of CONFLICTED deck 2 is now out and available for order.
We got an advanced deck sent to us and WOW! We think it is even better the first deck which is still awseome but this one is even better. The New deck has questions centered on economic collapse, virus outbreaks, mass starvation and leadership. Also in this deck they used some of best the questions sent by other survivalists and preppers from all across the world. I invited my neighbors over for coffee and desert and we played a round. It was very interesting to see how everyone would react during different scenarios. It really makes you think, some of the question are very hard and you will understand why it’s called conflicted. What was really cool is after I invited my friend and his family from across the street, he liked the game so much he decided to send his own question in and it was picked. They inlcudded his card in the new game and sent him some free decks.  I am very exited and proud that a member of the Disaster Survival Network was chosen. Here is his question: submitted by member of The Disaster Survival Network

“After Months of bugging out with your friends, you realize that the food and water supply is getting low, and upon further investigation you find that your best friend has been secretly selling food and water for money and ammunition. He has put you and your family at risk, as well as his own.How would handle his betrayal?”

That is just one of some of the really good questions that will have you digging deep inside heart & mind questioning your morals. Not only it the first game for adults to play that has come along in long time that is actually FUN to play, It can also so be used as training tool to help you and your group prepare mentally for the challenges ahead and help weed out undesirables from your group. After playing a round with a few groups of people you will soon realize who you want on your side and in your survival network.

Ifyou want to play a round before you purchace Prepper Chicks hosts a online radio show and interactive chat room where they often play a few rounds. You can WIN a FREE Deck and other great prizes.

Show: Prepper Chicks – A Girl’s Point of View
Prepper Chicks – After Dark
Host: Lori
Airs: Tuesday 8 AM ET/5 AM PT
Tuesday 11 PM ET/8 PM PT
Shows: Prepper Chicks Archives

Have you ever wondered what are the biggest fears of preppers outside of your group? The Deck2 of Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is packed full of scenarios that will put your will to live against your morals, challenge your survival philosophy, and make you rethink who you will be bugging out with. Deck2 has several scenarios that were submitted by the preparedness community, in there you will find scenarios from preppers and survivalists from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and more. We had several hundred submissions, and we picked the top 20. The other 32 scenarios were carefully designed by us in order to make you and the people who you are playing with test the limits of your survival philosophies.

Here are some sample scenerios from the NEW DECK #2 of CONFLICTED The Survival card game / Training tool.

Conflicted The Survival Card Game Deck2

Click here now to order your own deck

Disaster Survival magazine is also hosting a CONFLICTED GAME GIVEAWAY CONTEST anyone who purchases a subscription to Disaster Survival Magazine will automatically be entered in the drawing. We have been given several decks to give away.  Click here to purchase and enter the contest

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