DSN Exclusive: Is the government training to crush domestic uprisings in joint drills using knockout gas?

Story by Denise Barbwire
DSN Contributer/Reporter

Yesterday at 1pm members of the Army National Guard performed a 7 mile march in Talladega Superspeedway.

The Alabama Military Academy 200th Regiment, located at Fort McClellan conducted the operation.

It raised eyebrows because they publicly announced a few years ago that Fort McClellan is only a facility that does maintenance on military trucks.

Another situation that should make any person with a bit of common sense feel very uneasy is the soldiers training was for Officers Candidates School ( OCS) attending the Accelerated 57 days program. Why are they been rushed throughout it? Why are they marching in plain site fully equipped? Is it a technique to the desensitize the citizens so when they come with Martial Law we would not have enough time to defend ourselves?
or just be use to sight of it.

They could very well deploy a huge number of soldiers and say they’re here to train when in fact Martial Law has been implemented under our noses.

I have info from an inside source in National Guard Medical Battalion that they trained in January in how to contain mobs under the effect of neuro gas, the type that causes disorientation and difficulty to breath. In 2002 a similar gas/nerve agent was used to help bring an end to the the Moscow theater crisis with disasterous results. The use of gas or nerve agents is banned from use internationally by the United Nations. So why is our government suddenly training with it?

The training included how to handle parents when they have their kids separated from them.

Kids all over America are being put on buses and being sent to alternate emergency locations during the drills. Our fear is they will use the children as bargaining chip or have child protective services take the kids away from any parents involved in protests. 
read more about it here

This person also let me know that thousands of Coffins with the radiation sign had been transferred to Fort McClellan. And this person is supposed to go back to training only in the end of March, but she was called to train even sooner.

In march the training is going to be about radiation. Fema and DHS is involved with the joint trainning exersises which have reportedly been taking place all over the country.
All of this make me think that SHTF is fast approaching, a terror attack involving radiation or a possible ecomic collpase in which they will declare martial law becuase of riots and they are going to crush protests and domestic uprisings using the knock out gas they were training with. This is your Tax dollars hard at work. You will not even be allowed protest any longer. The news media will be controlled. This is the end of democracy in America.

“Well it was fun while it lasted. We all have many great memories and photo albums filled with the America that was. I guess like all other good things they must come to an end.”

We have a small group that always keep an eye open around the bases and in contact with some insiders. They say most the young officers are with the Regime, senior officers are more likely to uphold their oath.  Unfortunately the odds are stacked against us Obama signed an executive order that allows foreign troops on American Soil to help fight against any militias or domestic uprising. Plus the drones and bio-chem warfare.  
What are we to do?

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One Response to DSN Exclusive: Is the government training to crush domestic uprisings in joint drills using knockout gas?

  1. Peter Pan says:

    Fight like Hell. United we stand, divided we fall…it’s as simple as that.

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