WORLDWIDE PROTESTS!!! What is really going down?

Is there more to the current demonstrations and protests then what we are being told? Is the west’s economic system about to implode? Is the world trying to come together as one?



There have been 7 mysterious banker deaths/suicieds in the past two weeks, Geroge Soros is doubling down his bet on the S&P 500 with bet of 1.3 billion that that stock market will fall. China is dumping US Debt and treasury bonds.

Then you have this very scary 1929 parrell stock market chart which mirrors the currents stock market data right before the ecomonic collapse which led to the great depression.

Then you have the protesters in different cities all around world all seen wearing “V” for Vendetta masks and holding up the same signs and messages seen across the world.

We even have the same flyers being translated into the regions native language.


So you tell is us is there more to the story here then we are being told?  Is this an organized world wide event? Is the Dollar about to collapse? Is the world trying to come together as one? Is this the new generation trying to overthrow the powers of old?

Tell us what you think we want to know. Email us at

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