Grid Down Perceptions of Reality: Volume 2 Part 2
by Bruce Buckshot Hemming
America once a thriving and prosperous nation, now an empty decaying wasteland—everything changed in the blink of an eye. In Grid Down Reality Bites, a high-altitude nuclear blast causing an EMP (electrical magnetic pulse) destroys the power grid, catapulting life as they knew it, back to the 1800’s. The saga continues in Grid Down Perceptions of Reality (volume 2, part 2), A small band of survivors desperately struggle to survive the chaos that ensues. Now a post-apocalyptic world, they must rely on their primal instincts to escape destruction, disease and death. In this book, the story of Grid Down continues, following Clint and Junior with their small band of survivors. When we last left Clint and Junior, both were suffering gunshot wounds while trying to escape after an attack on a group of Rainbow Warriors (Grid Down Reality Bites, Chapter 37)

When you want to buy a book the vast majority of Americans go straight
to Amazon dot com. They are without a doubt the largest book seller.
Millions of books to choose from. But the great part is Amazon
supports Indie authors.

Bruce proves that going up against the biggest names in the industry a small town guy can still make it. Grid Down Perceptions of Reality today stands at #5 on
the best seller list in two categories. From wilderness survival
instructor to author is a big step, but with a lifetime of experiences in
the wild this book reflects his vast knowledge into a story that is
fun to read as you learn. For instance how to make flour in the wild,
emergency fishing techniques, how you are surrounded by food in the
wild, how to make homemade gun powder, hunting techniques, military tactics and history is all put in this volume. That is the beauty of Amazon

Find out why this book is number 5 on the best seller list.

The author, Bruce Hemming has been teaching survival trapping and snaring courses all across the U.S for the past 14 years. A native of Michigan and retired military veteran, Bruce has over 40 years’ experience in the outdoors. He grew up hunting with bows, rifles, and muzzleloaders, as well as fishing and trapping. His vast experience in the outdoors includes hunting and trapping in the extreme environments of Alaska, and the brutal cold of the North Dakota Plains.
To be a successful author you have to starve, scream, rewrite, get rejected, laughed at, attacked and ignored. When all else fails you get up and keep trying.

This is one of the most exiting series we have ever read. The books in this collection will keep wanting more.  If the GRID goes DOWN at least we have these books to read. You will not want to put this book down!   -DSN Staff

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