BLACKOUT-EMP   3 Terrifying Scenarios
-Article from Disaster Survival Magazine pg.39 Issue#1

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  1. GRID DOWN Are you ready? GridEx II The Government is Preparing For Power Grid Shutdown. Nov 13-14th National Readiness Exercise- Try going the whole weekend with no power, shut everything off , no TV no electronics, nothing but candles, flashlights and lanterns. See if you can go the whole weekend. It might even be romantic. After dinner on a Friday night about 8PM Turn your circuit breakers off, fill your bathtub with Ice, stuff from your fridge can be stored in the tub. The cool water from the melted ice will keep it from going bad, stock up on candles but be careful not to start a fire or fall down the stairs. Turn everything back on Sunday night at 5pm. Build a tent fortress in the backyard. Build a campfire, toast some smores, and tell some ghost stories with the kids. Get back to basic and recoup some priceless family time. Knock out two birds with one stone. Practice relationship survival and blackout preparation all in the same weekend.

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